Nearly 300 of the two sides of the Taiwan electric motor companies, electric Bo will be expected to sign about 36000000000 projects invested 62 yuan     DATE: 2016/7/18 9:46:17

The 7th cross-strait Electric Appliances Fair and Ningde investment of the 17th session of negotiations opened on the 17th, Ningde City, Fujian Province, attracting Taiwan nearly 300 home electrical appliance enterprises exhibitors and more than 1000 customers both at home and abroad to participants.

Ningde Municipal Party committee secretary Liao Xiaojun said that cross-strait "Bo" has become a set of motor electrical products exhibition, trade and investment and cultural exchanges in various regional event, in promoting electrical appliance industry development, promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation play an important role.

Ningde is renowned at home and abroad "Mindong Electric" birthplace, existing motor electric appliance enterprises and supporting more than 1000, small and medium-sized motor output and export volume accounted for about one-third of similar products in the mainland, the 2015 electrical appliance industry realize value added 12.23 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3%.

Since the first since 2010, the two sides of the electric Expo Taiwan exhibition scale continues to upgrade, exhibits more specialized. This electric fair, the Taiwan exhibition enterprises reached 31, exhibits range from the original electronics, lighting, toys and other diverse products to the electric motor matching products.

"The development of smart city, the demand for electrical products has gradually expanded, the quality of the requirements gradually increased, more micro and small, high efficiency, energy saving." Taiwan Electric Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Luo Huaijia said that the two sides of the motor manufacturing has a great complementarity, a great space for cooperation.

On both sides of the cooperation, the robot's debut is the highlight of the electric expo. A technology company in Shanghai site released the latest robot products, in-depth and docking Ningde local Motor Corporation and holds the robot signing ceremony and forum, focusing on spraying robot in motors enterprise application.

The current electric Expo held a multi field motor forum, the theme covers the system energy saving, efficient motor development, motor control applications, such as motor digital equipment; at the same time, to build a platform to boost investment in Ningde. According to the official introduction, the current electric Expo Ningde is expected to be signed 62 projects, a total investment of 362.66 yuan. Among them, 10 foreign investment projects, a total investment of 5.57 billion U. s.dollars; domestic investment projects 52, a total investment of 328.13 yuan.